Your Next Drink: Skip Out On ‘The Usual’ And Go For Fresh Fruit-Infused Whiskey


We have been drinking whiskey wrong. It’s not your fault. It’s not your bartender’s fault. It’s not your grandfather’s fault, either — and that guy loved his whiskey. No, the problem was that we’ve masked the taste; not complimented it. Bitters, sour mixes and soda have done no favors for one of America’s most-loved spirits. This is the realization Derby Spirits came to and immediately set upon correcting ingrained practices when it came to this fermented grain mash. The conclusion that this Nevada-based producer came to was that infusing fresh fruit into this drink gives the otherwise strong and heavy-handed spirit a much-needed pick-me-up that had been hanging right in front of our noses all this time.

Derby Spirits then came up with its own way to implement fresh fruit – like the banana that plays an integral role in its new line of whiskey – into the spirits its distributes. This advanced proprietary process has placed Derby Spirits at the forefront of the whiskey industry. This progress again came at the end of a serious fact-finding mission to develop only the most efficient way for the company to infuse fresh fruit into whiskey. These days, banana-infused whiskey is being used in everything from cakes to cocktails, so there’s no shortage of recipes out there that will be using Derby Spirits products as an ingredient after the Las Vegas-area launch come December 2017.

If you’re looking for a smooth and enjoyable adult beverage, then don’t pass by Derby Spirits at the time you spot a bottle on the shelf. What’s more, this Nevada-based company has partnerships with global hospitality leaders in the nightlife and restaurant industries. That being said, you can keep drinking “the usual,” as your bartender has probably asked one too many times, or can come correct and ask for a cocktail that used fruit-infused whiskey as  a way to reinvigorate a spirit that’s been banished to Manhattan – the cocktail, that is – for far too long.